CapLog is a niche consulting firm that selectively engages on projects with the potential to enhance businesses that raise, catch, process and deliver food responsibly. Its work has created insights into developing market opportunities, new avenues for marketing and sales, new technology opportunities and new strategic relationships between for-profit and not-for profit entities. Our network of partner consultants and clients stretches across industries and across geographies.

shrimp sorting

New Markets and New Opportunities

CapLog’s market and value chain analysis help clients understand how their products flow through the global supply chain, identifying factors that influence actors along that supply chain and exploring potential opportunities for improving value and mitigating risk. Our work ranges from analyzing the impact of increasing Chinese demand for luxury seafood products on Mexican fisheries to the market opportunities for California fishermen that have partnered with environmental NGOs. CapLog works directly with food providers (fishermen, farmers and suppliers) to explore, assess, refine and execute new business and market strategies.

New Collaboration

CapLog’s economic and policy support helps clients assess, plan and benefit from changes in regulatory policy, in supply channels and in market demands. CapLog brings together diverse for-profit and non-profit actors to identify common interests and develop actionable, collaborative solutions to shared problems, such as the workgroup it organized in 2010 to look at ways to increase the value of New England groundfish, together with fishermen, processors, restaurants, retailers and NGOs.